[wp-hackers] Security. Forum post - 2.0.1 has holes

Jason S. jason at zenenet.com
Fri Mar 3 02:36:16 GMT 2006

Robert Deaton wrote:
> On 3/2/06, Sebastian Herp <newsletter at scytheman.net> wrote:
>> Podz wrote:
>>> Can I suggest a Dev Blog post today that will kill this security crap in
>>> the forums, or the release of a fixed up 2.0.2 ?
>>> I don't think ignoring this stuff is the best approach.
>> Why not? It's a false alarm. I tried it and it only works as admin. Why
>> should I hack a blog, when I am already an admin ... big deal!
> And the average user who happens to hear about a vulnerabilty posted
> on secunia, who has a history of posting serious threats, now thinks
> that their install is vulnerable, and now we have countless people
> coming on IRC and the forums wondering when there will be a security
> upgrade.

All Podz wants is a post people will see in their dash's, and on the planet.
We know it's hokey, we know it's pure BS, but how many of them read this
People need warm and fuzzy re-assurance with an overview of a few
reasons why, not a full documented/detailed response.

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