[wp-hackers] Form injection and gzipping

Eric A. Meyer eric at meyerweb.com
Wed Mar 1 16:56:55 GMT 2006

At 9:21 PM -0600 2/27/06, Andy Skelton wrote:

>add_action('template_redirect', 'register_gatekeeper_buffer');
>function register_gatekeeper_buffer() {
>  ob_start('gatekeeper_comment_form_filter');

    SUCCESS!  Thank you, sir.  Thank you most kindly.  I've already 
released Gatekeeper 1.5 RC5 and will blog it later today.
    I still think it's strange to do the gzipping before all but one 
other action.  Anyone have a good explanation why that's a good idea, 
as opposed to a bad one?

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