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I meant as an example.
In the end PHP and Ruby go to HTML;
While C++ and .NET go to binary... and that makes all the difference.

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God forbid. Compiled languages are teh evil. And what on earth does the language have to do with it? This is how the information is interpreted - ruby is just a language. It doesn't have anything to do with this. And PHP can die, please, thanks.

On Jun 29, 2006, at 1:16 PM, Computer Guru wrote:
> Actually you raise quite an interesting point:
> Is the web dead?
> I mean, AJAX can only do so much. The things that you mention - those 
> are far more complicated than HTML can ever provide.
> Couldn't 10 years from now the internet become compiled code? No 
> longer PHP and Ruby but C++ and .NET?
> That is really the only way this entirely "dynamic" style you mention 
> could take form.. or so I see it.
>>> User input to the server, output from the server to the user, with 
>>> no loading of a new page - how's that?
>> It seems to me that a proper internet client should deliver that 
>> behavior without any special client side information.  On most 
>> websites, blogs in particular, when a page is reloaded the client 
>> should update only what has changed.
>> Just as in old school computer animation optimizations where you only 
>> erase what changed and redraw those parts, the internet client should 
>> be able to do a diff of the last page and the current page and only 
>> redraw the altered areas.  If the client observes DOM, it's already 
>> half way there.  Maybe now that AJAX is giving people an idea of what 
>> a smooth interface looks like, and broadband allows fast transfer of 
>> the page source, we'll start to see some browsers start to come with 
>> that functionality.
>> In the meantime, I think I prefer the static interface on the admin 
>> pages by default.  I will wait until such a thing as a WP- Admin 
>> theme becomes available that optionally adds Ajax to the interface in 
>> a easily downgradeable fashion.
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