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> why  not  use MIT's nicetitles for translucent  popups  with rounded
> corners?  

One word: bloat.
At its core, WP doesn't have superfluous AJAX - especially not
globally-compatible AJAX.
Balloons are for programs - not for scripts. If you make balloons a part of
WP-core, you're in trouble.

But it doesn't matter: balloons aren't a replacement for "Hello Dolly," but
Andy's idea is. Your idea is something totally different, no?

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> I don't mean to revive some old discussion about whether we should 
> remove Hello Dolly from core. Opinion on that will be off-topic on 
> this thread. Rather, I want to discuss an alternative set of lyrics.

I quite likd(d) Hello Dolly, but I must admit that it is/was impractical.  It  serves/ed as a good template  for  plug-in creators  nonetheless. We'll always have Matt's Jazz  Quotes page, even if it gets dropped from the trunk distribution...

> Replace the Broadway kitsch with WordPress tips for new users and 
> activate the plugin during installation. Benefits are too obvious to 
> list. If it buzzes in somebody's bonnet, deactivation is two clicks 
> away. Translation will spread the benefits even wider.

I'm  thinking  along the lines of balloons (tooltips).  This seems to be the direction that KDE 3.4+ has taken; these can be  disabled too. To match the beauty of CSS+JS in WP 2.0.x, why  not  use MIT's nicetitles for translucent  popups  with rounded corners?

> I've started a wiki page to collect tips:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Tips
> If this page fills up with short, helpful nuggets of advice or 
> information I'll remix the plugin and we can try it out on new users 
> by posting a download link in the forums.

People  will rarely read manuals. Some like to embark on the unknown by doing prior reading, but most just learn by trial and  error.  So I think an assistive yet obtrusive tips  are the best way to go.

Just my humble opinion,


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