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I'm with you on this one.
Even more than Frontpage: IIS.
If a plugin relies solely on .htaccess, it will undoubtedly break upon
porting to IIS (which has its own "mod_rewrite" called ISAPI Rewrite).

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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I've chimed in on this subject several times in the past. There are a large number of potential conflicts involved with including an .htaccess file with a WP distribution, one example is the use of MS frontpage extensions, which are installed on many shared and dedicated servers, in many cases the apache distribution used by hosting providers is compiled with mod_frontpage which relies on .htaccess for authoring control, etc. I've added a large amount of information to the codex regarding the use of WP and (or on a server with) the Ms Frontpage extensions. See - http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks#Permalinks.2C_.htaccess.2C_and_M

I need to go back and make some additional notes and modifications based on some new information when I have a chance, but that's it in a nutshell as far as MS Frontpage. 

Further, in my opinion, it's one thing to ask folks to make changes to .htaccess/apache if they WISH to use a feature such as permalinks, however it's not right to mandate what amounts to a change in the web server configuration in order to use the product. I'm pretty sure no one would like the idea of someone coming along with a plugin that REQUIRED a user to gut the core WP files. 


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#2740: Include .htaccess in distribution
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Comment (by Brian Layman):

 I do not agree with this suggestion.

 This cause WP to override any .htaccess files that are configured above the WordPress directory.  Additionaly, and it will make the upgrade  process more difficult as this is a file that could be overwritten very  easily when uploading an update.  If I lost my .htaccess file, it would  require a good bit of scrambling to get the contents restored. (Which  reminds me it is time for another backup....)

 AFAIK, .htaccess is only created by WordPress if you change your permalink structure.  So most installs rely on the .htaccess configured by there web provider.  1and1.com for instance has a special thing for converting the urls to upper or lower case as appropriate.  If I put a custem perma link structure, and thus create a .htaccess file, that behavior is lost.

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