[wp-hackers] Introduction

ravi gadfly at exitleft.org
Tue Jun 27 21:16:42 GMT 2006

At around 27/6/06 3:38 pm, Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> ravi wrote:
>> From the docs/Wiki, it looks like the best place for me is to look at
>> Trac, but perhaps not at core bugs since submission to that part of the
>> tree is restricted.
> I see you already got some responses on the wp-testers list. Welcome!
> I'd second the thought that Trac or the wp.org support forums are the
> best way to get started. Also writing a plugin (and supporting it) can
> be hugely educational for getting to know WordPress and for the
> community to get to know you.


thank you for the response and the welcome. I will check on the above
locations for a plugin that I can start working on.


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