[wp-hackers] a pay per view wordpress plugin

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Tue Jun 27 15:36:30 GMT 2006

I was assuming he'd be able to search and find it on his own without me
needing to go and do it for him, I'm aware of the comments subscription
there's also one floating out there somewhere which allows you to chose
categories which are only available for viewing by "paid" subscribers, I'm
guessing he'd be able to use that with some modification to get what he
needs, if I have to, I'll spend the time to go locate it for him.  

Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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On 6/27/06, Christopher J. Hradil <chradil at comcast.net> wrote:
> take a look at the subscriptions plugin

Is there a link to this plugin, or  is he supposed to "get that" by osmosis
or ESP? ;) I know many plugins but the oly "subscription plugin" I know of
is Subscribe to Comments and that would not come near doing what he is
looking to do, so I must assume you're referring to a different one.

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