[wp-hackers] wpblogmail fails when mail contact plugins present

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Mon Jun 26 16:35:55 GMT 2006

On Jun 26, 2006, at 5:01 AM, Roy wrote:

> blogs  by E-mail, even in clustered/digest mode, which is  a
> recently-added  feature.  In  almost a year,  it  has  never
> missed a beat.

Ah, just noticed their "clustered" option. Will try that and see how  
it goes.

Though I would like to get wpblogmail working properly. The  
alterative would be to re-write it with direct database requests,  
like my old mtblogmail was, but it seems so much cleaner and more  
efficient to use WP's native calls to do all the heavy lifting.

A WP directive to "disable all plugins on page request" would solve  
the problem neatly.


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