[wp-hackers] wpblogmail fails when mail contact plugins present

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Mon Jun 26 11:51:25 GMT 2006

___/ On Mon 26 Jun 2006 06:13:37 BST, [ Scot Hacker ] wrote : \___

> I'm the author of wpblogmail, which sends daily or weekly "digest"  
> email summaries of activity on a WP blog:
> http://www.birdhouse.org/blog/software/wpblogmail/
> It's not a plugin, but a cli php script, alongside a WP install. It  
> basically does this:
> ----------
> require("$BlogPath/wp-blog-header.php");
> the_title_rss();
> permalink_single_rss();
> the_content_rss('', TRUE, '', 100);
> ----------
> which it spits out to the shell, which then emails it to a list  
> address. Works nicely, *except* when the user has a contact form  
> plugin installed, *even though* that plugin is not used on the  
> homepage of the blog. When either pxsmail or the Dagon form mailer  
> plugins are activated and wpblogmail is run, I get this at the top of 
>  the output, and I can't figure out why. Any idea why these plugins  
> are invoked at all in this situation? And is there a way to  
> deactivate them while the script runs, or another way around this  
> anyone can think of?
> <br />
> <b>Warning</b>:  session_start(): Cannot send session cookie -  
> headers already sent by (output started at /home/username/scripts/ 
> wpblogmail/run.php:43) in <b>/home/username/public_html/blog/wp- 
> content/plugins/dd-formmail/dd-formmailer-plugin.php</b> on line  
> <b>2</b><br />
> <br />
> <b>Warning</b>:  session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - 
>  headers already sent (output started at /home/username/scripts/ 
> wpblogmail/run.php:43) in <b>/home/usernane/public_html/blog/wp- 
> content/plugins/dd-formmail/dd-formmailer-plugin.php</b> on line  
> <b>2</b><br />


I  know  this does not address your question  directly,  but
have  you considered third-party services, which can achieve
merely  the same thing? RSSFWD(.com), for example, is a Ruby
On  Rails-based service that will deliver updates from  your
blogs  by E-mail, even in clustered/digest mode, which is  a
recently-added  feature.  In  almost a year,  it  has  never
missed a beat.

Hope it helps,


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