[wp-hackers] Inconsistant actions, duplicated code, complicated plugins

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Thu Jun 22 14:12:02 GMT 2006

> John Ha wrote:
>>  Robert Deaton wrote:
>>  Could've been 1/2 of the way there, and likely for good reason,
>>  however, I don't see what it has to do with the thread, so if you
>>  wouldn't mind, take it off list.
> wth?

Don't worry about it guys.  Something I'd said in the past may have rubbed
Mr. Deaton the wrong way, for which, I apologize.  I did come into this
group with a rant on the URL vs. URI and then dove straight into the CSRF
debate.  Not the most genteel introduction, especially in a medium as
ambiguous as email.  I'll just have to diligently try to reverse his
opinion.  I didn't think that this light-hearted comment would have
generated any replies; so, I'm satisfied with this branch of the thread
ending here. 

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