[wp-hackers] Server/Apache/Php versions question

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Wed Jun 21 19:32:01 GMT 2006

 I made a post to the misc. section on the WP forums earlier, wondering if
any of you might know of any issues with wordpress and either apache
v.1.3.36 or php 4.4.2, without making you all go look for the forum post,
over the weekend and yesterday, I spent some time working on upgrading my
current system (php 4.3.10, apache 1.3.33 mysql 3.23.54a) to the previously
mentioned version, plus mysql 4.1.xx, bottom line is I have a client that
wants to use sugar crm (the latest version), and since I'm using mod_php4,
the original (which was installed by the hosting company on my
dedicated/colo box) didn't have mbstring support which sugar crm requires,
and there were some funky iconv issues with the old/running system, so I
figured, I go for a major update and compile/install fresh copies of
everything. bottom line is after doing the configures/compiles and
restarting everything with the new version, every site on the server which
uses WP (including my personal site, link in sig, and ALL client sites using
WP), were causing the httpd child process for the request to seg fault. I'm
sure it's got something to do with my new configuration/install of either
php or apache. I've again installed mod_php4 as a static module. the
previous 1.3.33 version also had mod_frontpage compiled in as a static
object (I left that out this time, mostly because I couldn't find a
current/stable mod_frontpage package to include with the build), I'll use
the package I have as a shared module if I really need to use it, but I
don't think I need it, not sure if the problem could be related to that
though, as if you take a look at the WP codex docs section, a while back I
made an addition/correction in the .htaccess file and permalinks area about
problems with WP and frontpage and how to fix them. It's worth noting, that
on all of the sites on the box, things like xoops, phpBB, osCommerce, Typo3,
mediawiki, and many others worked just fine after all the upgrades, really
the last thing I need/needed to do was to upgrade the DB tables to the newer
mysql format and new mysql permissions structure. late last night, after
playing around with it for a while, I changed apache/php/mysql back to the
old versions and re-booted everything, because I needed to make sure all of
my client's sites were online and operational this AM, most importantly the
one's using WP. basically, any time you would request a WP page, the browser
screen would just be blank/white, no errors or anything, the server syslog
showed the seg faults for each httpd process for each request, but there was
no messages/entries in either the httpd access or error log files. 

any ideas ??

ps. I did try starting up a fresh WP install under the updated system, and
that seemed to work OK, but then I quit, because I needed to get the sites
back online, they'd been down for probably 2 hours by then. 


Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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> In PHP, like in C, function foo() {} does not define a function that 
> takes 0 arguments but rather one that takes any number of arguments. 
> See
> func_get_args() [1] for details.

Ah, thank you Rob.  I've been working in the formal structures of Delphi for
so long that such details have faded in the mysts of time... C seems so
loose sometimes....  

I appreciate the tip and the link.  

Brian Layman

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