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Computer Guru ComputerGuru at NeoSmart.net
Mon Jun 19 11:19:53 GMT 2006

Should have searched trac (did search the support forums though :))

I have to say, I agree with this:


I don't think the feed is exactly the machine-readable version of front
page. Feed is the syndication of the article and I think it should be no
relationship between feed and '<!--more-->' tag. I think '<!--more-->' tag
is just a way to control the presentation of the articles in the front page.
'Full text' feed should mean to display the whole content of the article and
if not, why it was called 'Full text' feed? 


I really miss that functionality.
The more tag exists so that your frontpage looks pretty. Your feed is
automatically parsed on the clientside however they want it to look - so no
need for server-side intervention.

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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Computer Guru wrote:
 > I used to be able to view the entire contents of a feed if I selected
"Full  > Text" in the RSS config pape in wp-admin, but I can't any longer.
 > I'm (obviously) running WP SVN, and I think that may be part of the
 > My feed (http://neosmart.net/blog/feed/) refuses to show anything past
the  > <!---more---> tag.
 > It's a WP thing (I've tried disabling FeedBurner), especially since the
more  > tag is but a comment with special meaning to WP.
 > I can't replicate this on a stock 2.0.3 blog.
 > Any ideas?


 > Computer Guru
 > NeoSmart Technologies <http://neosmart.net/>  >  >

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