[wp-hackers] Help with redirect rule

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Wed Jun 14 18:58:20 GMT 2006

All this said, though, I guess if I didn't have to have the "index.php"
in the permalink struct, I'd like that.  I remember trying it, and
having some difficulty (don't remember what) so I put in the index.php,
all worked, and so I left it.

Anyway, that's not really the issue.  The whole scheme worked
flawlessly, except previews, with the redirect rule.  And that was the
point of the question :)

Thanks again,

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From: Chris Williams 
Subject: RE: [wp-hackers] Help with redirect rule

Yes, I deliberately put index.php in my permalinks.  I did that on the
advice of the codex, and I don't mind it... My permalink code is:


You are right, that link you had in there is how my links work.  I'm OK
with the index.php in there, I really don't care about truly pretty
permalinks, but date coding in there is a problem -- a whole lot of what
is (is going to be) on my site will not be the blog, and I want date to
be irrelevant.  That's why I don't have a traditional blog's date code
as part of the permalink structure.

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