[wp-hackers] Custom Permalinks - how to?

Niels Hackius niels at hackius.de
Tue Jun 13 18:54:25 GMT 2006

Fellow Wordpress-Hackers,
I asked this in the forums (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/75123),
but I didn't get an answer:
I am working on a plugin for the singapore-image-gallery (sgal.org).
What I would like to do is create permalinks that are calling a
certain page. Usually I create a page and singapore creates links like
The gallery is called test. The page title is "foto". Now I would like
it to look like this:
wordpress.com/index.php/gallery/test and point to the above URL.

Now I have a function like this:

        function singaporeRewriteRules($rules)
                global $wp_rewrite;

                // add rewrite tokens
                $keytag_token = '%gallery%';
                //$rewrite->page_structure =
                $wp_rewrite->add_rewrite_tag($keytag_token, '(.+)',

                $keywords_structure = $wp_rewrite->root
                $keywords_rewrite =

                return ( $rules+$keywords_rewrite );


What it outputs in the rewrite-rule-Array is this:
[index.php/gallery/(.+)/?$] => index.php?page_id=67&gallery=$matches[1]

This obviously doesn't work. I also tried to create links like this:
* [index.php/fotos/gallery/(.+)/?$] => index.php?page_id=67&gallery=$matches[1]
* [index.php/(fotos)/gallery/(.+)/?$] =>
* [index.php/fotos/gallery/?$] => index.php?gallery=$matches[1]

But it didn't work either, maybe someone could help me out, please?

Thank you very much,
Niels Hackius

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