[wp-hackers] Matt's site hacked?

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 03:30:39 GMT 2006

Hmmm...by chance I visited http://photomatt.net/ and found all the
permalinks linked on the page broken, linking to
hackmatt.blogspot.com, and a new message reading:

"I've never hacked a site before, so i want to thanks Matt for making
this day possible, and the WordPress community for such a remarkable
leader, Saint Google for the orientation, The Cranberries for
inspiration, mum, my little dog and of course Netscape for making the
net a better place. I love you all (sniff)! I guess that is not very
hacker, uh?"

What on earth?

Jeremy Visser
Email: jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Website: http://jeremy.serveblog.net/

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