[wp-hackers] WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup Plugin

Michael D Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Wed Jun 7 18:50:48 GMT 2006

On Jun 5, 2006, at 12:56 PM, Brian Layman wrote:
>> Michael Adams wrote:
>> The redirection bug only surfaces if you have disabled sending  
>> referrers
>> or if the HTTP_REFERER value is otherwise empty.  Click edit on some
>> comment and then hit enter from your browser's location bar to  
>> reload the
>> page without sending a REFERER header to test.

> Assuming these steps to duplicate work, I would still like to know  
> where the
> extra slashes appear (issue [2]).

They do work.  Go ahead and try them out.

The slashes appear whenever you go through a POST type Are You Sure  
dialog (as opposed to a GET type).  In an unpatched and unplugged WP  
2.0.3 (tag 2.0.3 or revision #3825), edit a comment with single  
quote, a double quote and a slash in it somewhere.

Are you running 2.0.3?  I believe some recent change in *trunk's*  
TinyMCE turns quotes into entities before POSTing (so quotes would  
not get escaped, only slashes would).  This is one reason the bug was  
not discovered pre-release; people believed that testing on trunk was  
good enough.


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