[wp-hackers] What do the key's mean on wp_attachment_metadata

Ryan Scheuermann ryan at concept64.com
Wed Jun 7 12:42:45 GMT 2006

Hi Mark,

That value is a serialized (string-version) of an array.  Those numbers 
are the number of bytes (characters) for the following value.  To pull 
the data out, just unserialize the value as an array.  If you follow me?

Ryan Scheuermann

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Mark Harwood wrote:
> Hi there,
> Im currently trying to rack my brain around the way that a post's 
> attached files work, ive figured out what data needs to be pulled from 
> the database but im stuck on understanding what some of the values in 
> wp_attachment_metadata mean.
> Below is a link to the wp_attachment_metadata for 3 images uploaded to 
> a post
> http://wilcoding.xs4all.nl/Wilco/Pastecode/2992/showpaste.aspx
> As you can see almost all the key's are the same before the values, 
> apart from two of them  s:22 changes to s:23 and s:89 to s:87
> Why is this? and what do each of these represent?
> Im just trying to understand them a bit more before i go off and do 
> some regex's to pull out the data i need.
> Many thanks
> Mark 'Phunky' Harwood
> Founder of EuroCSS.NET and mEm-Gaming.co.uk
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