[wp-hackers] how to add a second "Write post" subpanel?

Mark Harwood mark at phunky.co.uk
Wed Jun 7 08:53:09 GMT 2006

Im also intrested in doing something like this, im currently needing to 
create a "Post Results" page for my clans new website 

I found that i could get most of the functionality of the post.php page 
by just including alot of the functions from the page in my own function.

But i couldnt seem to enable the Ajax javascript needed, i have'nt spent 
much time on it though so i proberly have not looked into it enuff

AJ Chen wrote:

> I want to add a second write post subpanel that is called "post 
> experiment".
> "post experiment" should use the same data flow for "write post".  I 
> add the
> submenu in my plugin as follows:
> add_submenu_page('post-new.php', 'Write Experment Post', 'Experiment 
> Post',
> 8, 'exp', 'w2x_show_exp_post');
> In the function w2x_show_exp_post(), what's the good way to display 
> the same
> write post GUI?
> Thanks,
> AJ
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