[wp-hackers] anyone looked at Chameleon closely?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Jun 7 04:28:46 GMT 2006

Again, my original "NOW, is the plugin GPL?" question still stands, with "I 
don't know, but the 'alien code' certainly doesn't have to be"  as a decent 
response. And because of that, there's an immediate 'loophole'. ;)

Oh, and I'd be happy to GPL license stuff if you wanted to add it to the 
core.  Just drop me a line! :) :)  Otherwise, I'm happy with my 'free for 
non-commercial use, commercial contact me, but in any case I own the source' 
licensing...  ;)  Well, and my last few plugins were originally intended to 
be simple one-shot works made GPL or PD...

I certainly have no problem with my Karma.  Over two and a half year, I've 
'given back' more than I can count between my plugins, my free setup/config 
help, and my support-forums cruising.

Of course, if people clicked on my donate button(s) with any frequency, and 
wrote that they'd like to see stuff GPLed, I'd consider GPLing. ;) ;)


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| Angsuman Chakraborty wrote:
| >>  Okay. NOW, is the plugin GPL?
| >
| > WordPress Plugins are not covered under GPL, if they do not explicitly 
decide to cover it under GPL (or variants).
| >
| > There was some discussion on this thread:
| > http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/a-gpl-license-question/
| > I have tried to collate all the information here.
| Many would argue that plugins are a derived work of WP and must use a
| GPL compatible license since we don't have an API exception spelled out.
|  Note that Creative Commons licenses are not GPL compatible and not
| usually recommended for source code licensing. There are many opinions
| on the matter though.  The safest thing is to GPL your plugins since WP
| itself is GPLed. This also gives you the best feel good karma since you
| are extending something on the same terms that it was given to you.  I
| personally don't bother with plugins that aren't GPL and won't integrate
| any of their code into WP so as to avoid license taint.  I don't get all
| hot and bothered about the licensing though. I'll leave that to others.
|  GPL compatibility of plugins/modules is always a great topic for
| heating up mailing lists.  :-)
| Ryan 

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