[wp-hackers] anyone looked at Chameleon closely?

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Wed Jun 7 00:03:55 GMT 2006

On Jun 6, 2006, at 7:41 PM, Jeremy Visser wrote:

> Does anyone reckon it's ok with the GPL to purchase a copy of
> Chameleon and apply some changes to the WordPress core? I mean, like
> Matt going and shipping some Chameleon code with WP2.1 or something?

That would certainly be okay.  GPL is viral, so their WP-modification  
is GPL licensed, which means that just as they are licensed to take  
our modifications and apply them to their code, we can take their  
modifications and apply them to our code.  That is, assuming we can  
get out hands on the code.  As was said earlier in the thread, we  
don't have a right to the source code unless we buy the product (and,  
of course, PHP is only source code, so once you buy it, you have the  
source code.)  You could also try and convince one of their customers  
to give you the code, but you probably won't have much luck with  
that.  Contact them and ask about pricing.  If it is reasonably  
affordable, a few people could chip in and snag a copy for comparison  
purposes.  I'd keep your WP involvement a secret, though.  They'll  
probably balk if they know what you're about to do (not that I blame  
them, it'd hurt their bottom line).

Mark Jaquith

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