[wp-hackers] Bulit in Bug Reporter?!

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Jun 4 14:35:16 GMT 2006

Just had a quick thought:

While we're on the topic of getting more feedback from testers that wouldn't
normally bother to post back:
Would it be possible to add a tab to the main view in the ACP (next to the
dashboard) that's called "Bug Reporter" or "Feedback" or something, and have
a simple form that either sends an email, saves a file, or better yet,
submits requests via POST to the WP Trac?


IMHO this would be a sure way to win the feedback reports. Although there is
a fear that users will abuse this system and report misconfigurations or
support issues there, I think you can either only include it in RC and SVN
and not in final releases, or else have 'moderators' that verify bugs before
they reach Trac (if we end up going with Trac of course).


Just a thought.. 


Computer Guru

NeoSmart Technologies <http://neosmart.net/> 



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