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Stefano steagl at people.it
Sat Jun 3 20:45:02 GMT 2006

On Sat, 3 Jun 2006 22:31:59 +0300, "Computer Guru"
<ComputerGuru at NeoSmart.net> wrote:

>It's not a "buggy version," it's a version that wasn't perfect.
>It's not a security issue, it's not the end of the world, it's an
>inconvenience and that's about it.
>All it takes is another release, no more, no less. Problem solved.

problem = bugs then it's a buggy version.... and this happened jusst
cause from beta to release ther was only few hours.

Yes it's not the end of the world, but any new version mean for users
have to download and reinstall it, for people give support get tons of
questions, for locales team generate another release, lot of unusefull

Sometimes people oin this list have to think as normal users do, they
do not update theyr site using SVN, they are not often used tomanage
files on FTP all the time, some have slow connection and donload
unpacjk and upload take time... and all this is necessary ofr waht?
Nothing just some imperfection that 2 or 3 more days of beta test
period would have avoided.

For Italian locale we are going to realese the patched 2.0.3 then
there is no problem but this just cause I was unable to generate the
locale immediatrly after the english release as I usually do, or  yes
another release will be necessary

If you think that having 2 rlease in one week sounds good.. ok.. I
dounbt it is, just for the image of the software


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