[wp-hackers] WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup Plugin

Rob Miller r at robm.me.uk
Fri Jun 2 16:13:52 GMT 2006

Craig wrote:
> Are we to see future bugs fixed via plugins or is this some kind of
> special case? How come this isn't being entered as a patch, or has it,
> and I'm just not paying close enough attention?
> Taking flak about bugs is one thing, but fixing bugs with plugins is
> messing with my WP-user brain.
> Regardless, your efforts to fix these issues is much appreciated, no
> matter what method is used to squish the pesky bugs.
> Craig Hartel
> Nuclear Moose
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It will (I should hope!) be added into the core, it's just releasing 
2.0.3 and then 2.0.4 a day later will be annoying to users, especially 
since the changes are relatively minor. Users affected by the bugs can 
just use the plugin to tide them over until the actual release :)

Rob Miller
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