[wp-hackers] Plugin Management and Autoupdate System

Arne Brachhold himself at arnebrachhold.de
Sun Jul 30 18:50:48 GMT 2006


On 7/30/06, jason switzer <jswitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, but if I have a site with 5 plugins, the cron script seems like such a
> hassle. Checking for plugin updates shouldn't be a problem.

Why not check for updates every week as a background process, maybe
within the sutdown function and save the result in the database. The
results could be displayen on the dashboard like "There is an update
available for 2 plugins". I'm too lazy to check the update page every
week by myself ;)

Querying the update server in the background every week also takes
away the possibility that users could hammer the update server with
clicking repeatedly on the "check" button.

> Perhaps the plugin versions could be maintained by WP itself (as a feed from
> wordpress.org or something).

Why not use the existing http://wp-plugins.net/ (.net!) database? I
think a high percentage of the available plugins is already registered
there. Sure, the admin interface to manage your plugins as well as the
API is a bit ugly, but that's changeable.

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