[wp-hackers] Development Process

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sat Jul 29 00:16:40 GMT 2006

Sam Angove wrote:
> But, whatever. This discussion went nowhere last time it came up, so I
> don't see the point talking about it further unless a yay or nay comes
> down from on high. Sad but true.

Actually it went to the "no one is willing to work on this right now" 
bin, it's obviously a good idea we want to do someday. This isn't a bad 
thing, good ideas tend to continually resurface, it's darwinian.

Anyone can and has created cool services or enhancements that get 
official blessing later, like the new themes site or plugins that we've 
included over the years. Usually the constraining factor is personal 
commitment behind the idea, not resources or infrastructure or holy water.

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