[wp-hackers] Lets make the next bug-hunt a codex-fest

Mike Wendell theapparatus at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 15:39:27 GMT 2006

+1 Out of the mouths of n00bs. :)

On 7/27/06, R.J. Kaplan <just.be.happy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jul 27, 2006, at 6:29 AM, Andrew Krespanis wrote:
> > Following the flood of mail today I have a little something to suggest
> > that I think could help. The IRC meetup immedietly after the last
> > bug-hunt included discussion about making bug-hunts ( or bug-massacres
> > ) a regularly scheduled event. I think that's a great idea, but
> > perhaps the next group effort should be directed at the codex.
> >
> > Yes? No? "be quiet n00b!"?

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