[wp-hackers] Lets make the next bug-hunt a codex-fest

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Thu Jul 27 11:00:48 GMT 2006

As I mentioned in a previous post to this and the docs list yesterday which
I'm not sure made it through due to some weird email problems, I've been
doing some poking around in the codex and have noticed a number of really
outdated items -- example - 

this section currently states: "Note: Your .htaccess file must be writeable
for Page Permalinks to work, otherwise you must update your .htaccess file
every time you create a Page." 

that is currently inaccurate, correct ? in wp 2.x.x permalinks for pages
should work "automatically" in the same manner as they are configured for
posts correct ? I put a comment in the section which isn't visible so that I
or the next person who takes a look at editing that section is aware, but if
I'm correct I'll just go back and remove that line. 

like I said, there's tons of stuff like that floating around in the codex
right now, that's going to be a huge task to really get cleaned up. I'm
definitely willing to do what I can to help get that in ship shape, but I
think we really should develop a plan of attack. I've sent off a couple of
emails to the wp-docs list in the past couple of weeks, and it doesn't seem
to me that anyone on that list is really paying any attention. 


Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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On 7/27/06, Andrew Krespanis <leftjustified at gmail.com> wrote:
> Following the flood of mail today I have a little something to suggest 
> that I think could help. The IRC meetup immedietly after the last 
> bug-hunt included discussion about making bug-hunts ( or bug-massacres
> ) a regularly scheduled event. I think that's a great idea, but 
> perhaps the next group effort should be directed at the codex.
> Yes? No? "be quiet n00b!"?

Sounds like a good idea to me. The Codex is in need of some sprucing up and
some additions.

+1, but you're still a n00b.

Joey Brooks
Milk Carton Designs || milkcartondesigns.com
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