[wp-hackers] Future Posting Fix Request

Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Mon Jul 24 16:53:45 GMT 2006

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Computer Guru wrote:
> Not replying to any message in particular, but I have (what I think is) a better idea.
> When _any_ user hits the site, and the time matches or around that of future post, trigger a _new_ script.
> This _new script_ will then use CURL, Snoopy, FOpen, whatever you like, and get the _server_ to 'GET' the page in question, and letting the server itself bear the brunt of the ping delay.
> This is off the top of my head, haven't had my coffee yet (that's a disclaimer =P), but shouldn't it work?

The advantage of not triggering this for everyday users is that we avoid
the uncomfortable random long load times.  Force the "users" that are an
actual burden on your site into doing something useful - firing your
cron jobs and eating the load times so regular users don't have to.

Not suggesting this as a total replacement for any other solution, but
it could offload quite a bit from other avenues.

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