[wp-hackers] Future Posting Fix Request

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Sat Jul 22 04:20:38 GMT 2006

Faisal Akhter wrote:
> Any experts out there willing to fix the future posting bug in 2.1? In an
> attempt to advance this bug to the priority list on your list of bugs to
> fix, I'm willing to sweeten the deal a little w/ some money.


That will hopefully fix the stripping.  We were triggering the content 
filters when moving from future to publish.  Since any page load can 
trigger the cron event that does the publishing, the user that happens 
to trigger the publish may not have sufficient priviledges and invoke 
the wrath of kses.  Let me know how that works.  I'll look at the other 
issues too.


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