[wp-hackers] Why Can't Pages have Categories?

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Thu Jul 20 09:56:04 GMT 2006

> What would be displayed if you viewed that category?  How do you fit a
> page into a chronological listing of post?  And if you can't, what is
> the point of categorization?

Well, I'm just thinking aloud here...
But, a post is technically for 'dated' content, articles, etc. and a page is for something 'stock' that will be there at all times and generally isn't 'content' per say.

It doesn't need theme modification, it would be a normal page, that's always there, but when you navigate into a category, if a page is _not_ in that category, it wouldn't show....

I'm thinking of the Widgets bar actually... It has a bunch of fields that are wonderfully context-aware (like latest posts displays posts from the category only), and so the pages widget would also change to reflect the category.

For instance: 
..|Moveable Type

Now each of these categories has _posts_ that discuss a particular mobo, cpu, plugin, etc.
Each _category_ has a _page_ with relevant links, shopping sites, tips on plugin writing, etc.

These pages will show at all times on the homepage or not, depending on your theme. But when you enter a category, you _should_ (via a widget or theme) be able to specify that _only_ pages _in_ this category should show....

SELECT post_id FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE status='static' AND $wpdb->category = current_category

Only problem is, current wp db structure _doesn't_ allow for category field with status = static...

See what I mean?

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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