[wp-hackers] Feature Suggestion - OneClick Installs

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Thu Jul 20 16:36:37 GMT 2006

Francis Reyes wrote:
> Agreed! One of the sorest parts for me is how the plugin paths are fixed 
> to wp-content/plugins.  Theme locations can be changed (by filtering 
> theme_root and theme_root_uri) as well as upload paths, but the plugins 
> are fixed into the WP installation.

Somebody write a patch. The plugin directory cannot be pluggable in the 
manner that theme directories are (you have to find the plugins before 
you can load them so that they can change the plugin dir), but a 
constant defined in wp-settings.php would get the job done.  Maybe a 
wp_plugins_dir() func similar to wp_upload_dir().

> Also, with regard to the Installer plugin, it should be part of the base 
> WP. One gripe is the requirement that the plugins and themes be in the 
> proper 'directory structure', which isn't always true and the plugin (at 
> least when I used it two months ago) severely breaks if this is not the 
> case (which is more often than I'd like with some themes).

Installing things to arbitrary locations means lots of writable 
directories.  Almost every plugin I've seen that installs outside of the 
plugins directory could be fixed to not need to go outside.


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