[wp-hackers] wp-plugins.org problem?

Andrew Krespanis leftjustified at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 00:54:43 GMT 2006

I'm of the understanding sub-domains on wordpress.net are intended for
official WP related bits...? eg: themes.wordpress.net
Would it not make sense to have the official plugin repo at
plugins.wordpress.net ?
Considering wp-hackers subscribers can get confused between
wp-plugins.org and wp-plugins.net, what hope do newbs have? (Oh, won't
someone think of the newbs... ;)


> On 7/18/06, Chris Williams <chris at clwill.com> wrote:
> > plugin-devs.wordpresss.org??
> >
> > or heaven forbid... hack-plugins.wordpress.org :)

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