[wp-hackers] No More Link Categories?

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Wed Jul 19 00:02:29 GMT 2006

R.J. Kaplan wrote:
> On Jul 18, 2006, at 1:03 PM, Ryan Boren wrote:
>> We filter them to accommodate those who don't want to see cats that 
>> are used only for posts on their links screen.
> So to accommodate and minimize confusion to some, you end up confusing 
> the others. may I propose adding some sort of indicator in the 
> categories list, allowing a user to turn on/off links in that category 
> in a simple manner?

I'd rather just have a "Show all categories" button in the cat select 
box on the edit post and link screens.  By default, the edit link screen 
  shows only cats that have a link already assigned.  If you want to use 
a category not listed, right now you can type the cat name in and hit 
"Add" to make it show in the list.  Adding a "Show all" button would 
save some typing when selecting an already existing cat.  Note that once 
a cat has a link assigned to it, it will show in the default list.

In our observations, users rarely bother with Manage->Categories.  They 
create new categories via the on-the-fly "Add" button on the edit post 
and edit link pages.  Once a category is added via "Add" and assigned to 
a post or link, it will show up in the appropriate list from there on 
out.   If someone wants to use the same cat for both a post and a link, 
they simply do separate Adds as they create posts and links. It's all 
done inline with the primary tasks -- creating post and links.  The 
downside is that Add requires JS.  Having a non-JS means of showing all 
cats in the cat select list would be nice.


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