[wp-hackers] No More Link Categories?

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Tue Jul 18 13:52:11 GMT 2006

>quite confusing I must say. 
All of this is of Ticket #2499 (http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2499), I

Ryan describes the goal for the rewrite here:

Personally, I like the change and think it will be beneficial.  I like the
idea of adding a link and then being able to easily post in the same
category saying the link is there.  I could even see a plugin that adds that
ability directly from the Post screen.  Then you could write a message
reviewing something  (a blog, a site, hardware or software) and add it to
your "blogroll" in the same action.  

So, imho, removing the table is not just normalization for normalization's
sake.  However, I do think calling the whole thing a "blogroll" is going to
be a source of confusion.  Links, WordPress Bookmarks if you must, are used
for way more than A blogroll.  The blogroll link category on my site is the
least used of the link categories.  Most of my link categories have nothing
to do with other blogs.  I don't think I'm a sole exception in that area.

The reason for changing the name as that the term links is used too many
places in WP.  I just don't agree that the term "links" is used too much for
this concept to be called links as well.  It's not overloading the term to
call "hyperlinks" "links" and that's all these are.  In any case, calling
the editor Blogroll, singular, is just going to confuse people.  People are
used to thinking of the blogroll as only the list of blogs and not of the
entire contents of the links widget.  If we are stuck on choosing another
term, please consider making the name plural in order to eliminate this
confusion.  So, "Blogrolls" would be somewhat more accurate and would show
that you can still add categories.  It will give the user the clue to look a
little further.
Brian Layman

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