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Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Tue Jul 18 05:30:50 GMT 2006

my personal preference for plugins is to download a zip or gz file which
creates it's own directory called "plugin_name", containing all of the
required files, etc for that plugin. my personal "work style" is such that I
like to keep things pretty organized (which isn't easy for me), it's too
easy to let code containing files get out of control. I keep a
/home/myusername/sw directory on my primary unix dev box at my co-lo
provider, inside of sw, I have a /wordpress, a /typo3, /crm etc. then in
something like the /wp folder I have a /core and a /plugins, then inside of
/plugins there's a /plugin_name for each one. Then at home/office I keep a
similar/identical setup on a nas box, except that I keep one extra set of
everything which is the "clean"/unmodified originals. I can see why some
folks prefer the single .phps style though, as that is really quick easy way
to get things done. I primarily jump through my personal hoops because we
normally have multiple version/edits of things for multiple clients, etc. so
it's really more of a management issue than one of the best or easiest
methods for the purposes of a WP plugin "standard". 


Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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I'm finally getting around to doing what I've always wanted, and that's
churning out the plugins.

My webserver supports the phps extension as highlighted php code. It takes
the PHP and formats it as colored HTML. You can copy and paste the code just
fine to a new document to create your plugin.


Now my question is, is this the 'preferred way' or is it more preferable to
save it as plain-text files that can be downloaded straight to the plugins


For example,

It's a _lot_ easier on the eyes, but if anyone were to save the target and
upload, it wouldn't work since it's formatted HTML, not PHP.

What's the right way?


Computer Guru

NeoSmart Technologies <http://neosmart.net/> 



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