[wp-hackers] IRC Problems

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Tue Jul 18 03:10:23 GMT 2006

Tony wrote:
> In the long term, yes, Freenode needs to be involved.  But I can't 
> describe how frustrating it is to get a hold of a freenode staffer in a 
> good amount of time - last time I tried when #wordpress was trolled, it 
> took about 5 minutes of flooding to get a hold of someone who could 
> actually do something, and I think in the end it turned out to be lilo.

That's pretty unfortunate. I know some other projects have left 
Freenode, but I like their stated philosophy. io_error and masquerade 
have been set up with proper access, feel free to continue to send me 
suggestions off-list, someone in a non-US timezone would probably be good.

Despite this thread, a few folks seem to have already moved to another 
channel, which coincidentally might help some of the aforementioned 
maturity problems. When I look now #wordpress has 143 nicks in it, so I 
don't think there is any worrying changes and I think we can put this 
issue to rest.

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