[wp-hackers] IRC Problems

Tony rollinthundaone at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 02:20:13 GMT 2006

 > On the social side, however, I agree. io_error seems like a good
 > candidate for an op on the channel, I'm open to other suggestions. 3
 > regulars seems like a good number.

I'd love to see io_error, masquerade, and tunicwriter as three people 
who have access to ops.

 > Serious trolls, people with botnets, etc need to
 > be handled on the Freenode level otherwise it's like irritating a wasp
 > with a piece of paper.

In the long term, yes, Freenode needs to be involved.  But I can't 
describe how frustrating it is to get a hold of a freenode staffer in a 
good amount of time - last time I tried when #wordpress was trolled, it 
took about 5 minutes of flooding to get a hold of someone who could 
actually do something, and I think in the end it turned out to be lilo.

We _need_ an ops dude in there to temporarily +m until a freenode 
staffer can be contacted, or +b if it's an isolated troller.

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