[wp-hackers] SVG Kubrick Source

Daniel Pope mauve at mauveweb.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 00:50:44 GMT 2006

After installing Wordpress for the first time recently the first thing I
did was look around for a vector graphics source for the kubrick theme,
so that I could tweak it a bit.

After a long search I found Michael Heilemann's site which has a .zip
file which contains a .psd source image. Which The Gimp can't open
properly. And which wouldn't be very flexible for me anyway.

So I set about recreating the assets for Kubrick from scratch in Inkscape.

This was of use to me so I hope it might be of use to others:


It's not pixel perfect but it's pretty close; it is almost
indistinguishable to me. Note that all the assets should be replaced by
ones produced from the SVG for best effect.

The colours were picked from the JPEG assets shipped with Wordpress. The
dimensions of all the elements exactly match, and the radii of the
rounded corners are as close as I could get them. The one big stumbling
block is that Inkscape only has experimental support for Gaussian blur
at the moment, which might improve the drop-shadow significantly. At the
moment it is implemented with overlapping partially-transparent

I believe it should work in most SVG-capable vector graphics editors,
for example Adobe Illustrator. But I haven't tried that. Being SVG it's
a lot more portable than PSD and much more editable than JPEG.

There's also a (probably Debian/Ubuntu-specific) bash script which
rasterizes the SVG with Inkscape and slices it with ImageMagick to
produce the required JPEG assets, and a directory containing the sliced
images this produces:



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