[wp-hackers] delete_user action hook

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Mon Jul 17 17:14:03 GMT 2006

> Just for the record: not everyone uses wp-plugins repo. Actually, I  
> dare say more than 50% of the plugins in use today _aren't_ in  
> there, but I could be wrong... I say go for it though, backwards  
> compatibility isn't always the right way to go, and all it takes is  
> but a one-word change to get a broken plugin working again.
This brings up a question I asked once before but didn't get an  
answer to. I don't use 'wp-plugins repo'. I don't even know what you  
are referring to. But yes - it just takes a 'small change' most often  
to get things working in a new version. My question (before) and now  
is - where does one get informed of these changes so that we can be  


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