[wp-hackers] IRC Problems

Indranil Dasgupta indranil at troidus.com
Mon Jul 17 07:35:12 GMT 2006

Ok, Matt says that the #wordpress IRC isn't for support... Then why not 
give control of it to someone who is an active member, and then he/she 
can take steps required to purge trolls.. Just because it isn't for 
support doesn't mean that people don't ask for help or come their.. this 
has been said many times before, but it seems Matt is most unwilling to 
op anyone besides himself, and he not being there any time, there is no 
hope for #wordpress..

Robert Deaton wrote:
> I'll have to hop in and agree, and I'm glad someone else brought this
> thread up again (I really hate being the one who has to try to drill a
> point home, you know?). This is a lot of the reason why I left for
> some time, and now I occasionally come back, but every time I do it
> reminds me of why I stopped visiting in the first place. It used to be
> a really fun place to hang around, I used to enjoy helping out when
> and where I could, and talking with the others in the mean time, but
> its just lost its dazzle under the plethora of people unwilling to
> help or at least be polite when someone else is trying to help. Hell,
> I was even back for a few days not too long ago, only to leave when I
> found out that someone who I requested a ban for months ago was back
> trolling around again.
> But alas, I fear this is another cry to fall upon deaf ears.

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