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Mon Jul 17 02:35:39 GMT 2006

Ryan Duff wrote:
> This has come up numerous times before and its the same thing...
> photomatt says that #wordpress isn't for support so he really isn't
> concerned with what goes on in there. It has even come up at meetups
> before. I have tried numerous times to get it through their head that we
> do need ops, for the sake of the channel and decency of the community
> and he seems to care less.
> There was at one point, a time where we did have a troll, and he did
> give someone ops for about 2 days until the person ended up getting
> banned from freenode.
> This is why I have given up on #wordpress and the community in general.
> His lack of care (for lack of a better term) is what drove me away.
> Wordpress is a great product, but when the community goes to shit, well...
> I used to be in the forums alot as well as on #wordpress and the mailing
> lists.. since the meetup where we fought over ops and he still declined
> to do anything about it... I have pretty much dropped myself off the
> map. From what I've read in the forums and the mailing list, I know
> there are others that have taken similar actions and removed themselves
> from the community.
> Matt, if you're reading this... for the sake of the community, please
> try to understand that giving ops isn't asked for as a status issue, but
> for the good of the community.
> Previously we have gone through the issues of how to pick people and how
> it will work... please solicit 5-10 long-time active participants in
> #wordpress and see if they will volunteer. I know most aren't around all
> the time, but if you get a group of 5 that agree, someone should be
> active at most times.

To follow up on references regarding some of the things I said... Here
is a link to the transcript of the meetup where it was majorly addressed:


It also came up throughout the month of July, but was ignored or hushed.

July 6, 2005 - Ignored... never even mentioned even though it was on the
topics to discuss.

July 13, 2005 - Matt never showed, meetup canceled.

Taken from July 20th, 2005

[17:40] <photomatt_wrk> I see the IRC topic is brought up again, is
anyone actually interested in discussing that?
[17:40] <relle> Granting voice to regular users who are helpful, a way
to show who is knowlegable and trustworthy in #wordpress
[17:40] <photomatt_wrk> I think it's been run into the ground already
[17:42] <photomatt_wrk> on IRC we don't need administrative people
policing things
[17:42] <photomatt_wrk> freenode handles that
[17:46] <photomatt_wrk> on IRC to give people titles would create a
class distinction between people in the chat
[17:46] <photomatt_wrk> and we would need a complicated and PITA process
to decide who gets titles and not
[17:46] <photomatt_wrk> and people who didn't have titles would be pissy

July 27, 2005 - Once again Matt never showed, IRC topic came up... same
things were reiterated... but without Matt to make a decision and
actually do something about it, nothing was done.

Taken from August 3, 2005

[17:25] <relle> Next? IRC
[17:26] <photomatt> what are we discussing about IRC?
[17:27] <tunicwriter> Was the matter ever really resolved?
[17:27] <relle> In the meeting last week, there was a discussion about
an "invasion" from a bad person and the need for volunteer ops to kick
those people out.
[17:27] <relle> Guidelines were to be written on what that meant.
[17:27] <relle> Were they?
[17:28] <photomatt> ops wouldn't have made a difference
[17:28] <photomatt> in situations like that someone from freenode has to
handle it
[17:28] <masq|lappy> I think they mean in the general invasion of an
impolite person more than that exact situation
[17:28] <tunicwriter> indeed.
[17:29] <masq|lappy> I don't think we'll see that situation again, I
sent the VERSION string that the software used to send that attack has
to freenode admins, so the attackers will have trouble getting on int he
first place
[17:30] <relle> so is the issue of ops in the channel now dead?
[17:32] <tunicwriter> We need something in place, I think (not that my
opinion is worth a great deal). Matt isn't always there, so therefore
there's no op there if someone gets particularly... "impolite," as
masq|lappy put it...
[17:33] <photomatt> okay let's move on

Last but not least... some ideas...

That page hasn't changed much since last year (July 24, 2005).

Ryan Duff
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