[wp-hackers] RE: apache 2.2.2 upgrade

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Sat Jul 15 03:20:20 GMT 2006

> So you might be better of without WP-Cache 2 than with it.
> And yes as Jamie has pointed out WP-Cache 2 is very likely the  
> cause of your blank screen problem.

OK, I've been confused on this for a while; somebody please set me  

WP 2+ already  includes a  /wp-content/cache directory. If I make it  
apache-writable, it gets populated and constantly updated with fresh  
cache files. No plugins or modifications necessary.

I've found references around the web to the fact that WP2 includes  
full Smarty caching, out of the box. So I've inferred that caching is  
fully present and working.

But I also  keep seeing references to WP-Cache 2, as if caching  were  
NOT already present in WP 2.

What's the real caching deal?


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