[wp-hackers] Close old comments and pingbacks: feature or plugin?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Fri Jul 14 16:35:37 GMT 2006

two things:

1. I included 'nonce' in that sentence specifically as nonce stuff is 
typically non-user-intervention methods (via JS mostly, though some could be 
done with just form-embedded bits depending on the spammers!).

2. bitmap font captchas certainly would, but there are numerous captcha 
systems that are tolerant (Pick X from the list below, type the Xth word of 
this sentence, etc.).  They may not be as 'friendly' as no auth method at 
all, but again there ARE captcha methods that don't exclude the blind.

I'm all for usability, but at some points you need to 'raise the bar' to 
prevent spammers -- that bar could be 'JS-required', or some sort of 
captcha, or the best captcha of all: registration. ;)

I use CG-AntiSpam (my 'SpamKarma' equiv) and CG-Referrer in combination to 
combat spam -- they have some of the same functions that SK and BB have, but 
I've now seen BB block things that would drive many non-techie site owners 
nuts.  That's not that BB is bad, it's that people out there with legit 
sites don't always have 'perfect scripts'. ;)


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| David Chait wrote:
| > Additionally, captcha or nonce type authentication (if not registration)
| > would pretty much shut off the rest.  Well, 99.9%.
| >
| >
| CAPTCHAs exclude the blind, though. Much better to use a combination of
| Bad Behavior and Akismet/Spam Karma, IMO.
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