[wp-hackers] apache 2.2.2 upgrade

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Thu Jul 13 19:51:29 GMT 2006

Over the past week I did a number of upgrades to one of my development
servers (which happens to be the box I run my personal web site on, using
WP). Anyway, after getting everything upgraded to the versions I wanted to
use which include Apache 2.2.2, php 4.4.2, and mySQL 4.1.x (plus a bunch of
other non-relevant things, all for an upcoming project) my WP site just
died. The server response according to the log files were 200 OK, but all
pages were just showing up as blank white pages. 

Thankfully, I had backed everything up as I normally do when I do something
like that, I also dumped the content of my WP database. I then dropped all
of the wp DB tables, and ran wp install again, then reloaded all of my
content. everything was up and running again within minutes with no problems
that I can see. 

My point is, that as other folks upgrade things like apache/mySQL are they
going to run into the same kinds of issues ? 
has anyone seen anything like this happen before ?

If this is a common situation I'd like to at least see that we get a quick
post to the codex about possible issues in upgrading. I've taken a look at
some upgrade issues discussed in the forum so far but haven't seen too much
along these lines. Adoption of the 2.-x branch of apache has been pretty
slow for a number of reasons (especially for the hosting providers), but I
have the feeling that's about to change, and can see a huge flood of these
kinds of issues hitting the forums, etc all at once as more folks move up to
the 2.x branch if there is some kind of common issue, which I'm not sure if
it's related to php or Apache in my situation. I've eliminated the DB as the
issue because I did that upgrade a couple of months ago and everything was
working fine until I flipped over to Apache 2.2.2 with mod_php 4.4.2, so the
issue was with one of those. 

The wp install process, as well as db reload all went super smooth as I
mentioned. the site wasn't down for more than 15 minutes, but the point is
after the upgrades things should have just continue to run as normal. A
couple of other php apps on the box had no problem -- including my "sandbox"
install of wp located at http://hradil.us/sandbox/wp/ --- I didn't need to
touch that one it just worked as expected. Maybe it was a specific plugin ? 

thoughts ??

Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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