[wp-hackers] Trac #2361 (TB + PB to the same blog causes only the PB to show)

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Jul 11 12:05:29 GMT 2006

> Why would you want to favor Trackback over Pingback?  I'm not asking
> that rhetorically, I'd like to know why, when given a resource that can
> accept both Trackbacks and Pingbacks, you would favor Trackback.

I believe the 'traditional' line of thinking is that since trackbacks have to be manually done, they're 'worth more' than PBs (look at the "Popularity Contest" plugin).

I personally disagree, I think TB is actually on the road to dead, but there is some logic behind the demand:

Nevermind the _reason_ why he wants TB over PB; if a user goes through the trouble of adding a TB, WP should honor it instead of sending a PB first.... if you understand what I'm saying... it's like no matter what the users' reason is, they did it anyway, and now it's WP's role to give priority to TB over PB since that's what the user wants...... 

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