[wp-hackers] podPress as a standard plugin

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Computer Guru wrote:
> I agree... and before podPress I'd have to honestly say there are quite a
> few other more important add-ons...

Agreed, for example I think the role-manager plugin really should be a
default item.

> Which is why this topic is best left under lock and key. WP is for
> Automattic content. AFAIK: nothing more, nothing less. Else you'll start a
> war by every author that has a decent plugin and wants it in the trunk.

LOL, fair enough. I just havent seen the discussion about default
plugins raised much in here, so was curious what the thinking was.

> Oh, and if I may say so, it's normally best to let others nominate your
> great plugin for you ;-)

heh, Ive been waiting for a couple months for podpress to get talked
about on here, and no luck ;-)

My real goal is to get a wordpress developer to respond to my previous
request to add a hook into the wp-admin/categories.php around the edit
and post sections. Im having to include a custom version of this file in
 podPress to allow categorycasting to work. CategoryCasting allows users
to customize a bunch of feed settings on a per category basis.

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Why bloat the WordPress download? If people want it, they can download
and install it.

The percentage of users who use WordPress for podcasting is pretty small
I'd imagine.


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