[wp-hackers] updating guid when changing permalinks

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Sun Jul 9 05:17:26 GMT 2006

> A public URL is, by definition, globally unique. I don't see any
> compelling reason to change what we do, we already indicate not to use
> it as a permalink in the feed.

I always thought of a GUID as more of an abstract thing. I guess I
just think it's a bit weird that whatever slug you initially publish a
piece under is what it is forever. (not that the slug should be
changing anyways, but it's still strange...)

Wordpress already keeps an id field that identifies posts... I would
have thought a good guid would be something more like
"354 at mysite.com/myblog/"

Typo (which I'm almost through migrating away from, to Wordpress) uses
a bizarre string of hash-y kind of stuff, like


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