[wp-hackers] generate_rewrite_rule misbehaving

brian at thecodecave.com brian at thecodecave.com
Fri Jul 7 14:11:07 GMT 2006

>it seems I'm still getting around 10 rules,
>corresponding to trackbacks, multiple feeds, and attachments. 

Without seeing exactly what you are, I need to ask, are you seeing the results of wp-includes\classes.php's function rewrite_rules()?

That returns an array of the rules (8 by default) needed to process all the ways your blog is accessed.  For instance, a special rule is needed when you click on a category, one is needed for links to pages, and etc.  I suppose pieces could be eliminated if, for instance, you didn't have a calendar, but the benifit would be negligable....

If that's not what you're looking at, an example might help...

Brian Layman

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