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brian at thecodecave.com brian at thecodecave.com
Thu Jul 6 13:58:06 GMT 2006

cg> But you know, as a "Benevolent" Dictator, it's not a door slammed shut and
cg> padlock'd forever.
cg> It doesn't mean that you can't approach him again with the idea, maybe with
cg> more reasons why it would work and ask if his opinion has changed. Nothing
cg> to lose.

Yeah... You could go create a thread about it on WP-Hackers... 

Oh, wait... :p

Background questions:
I've seen auto documentors for Delphi.  Each involved a  manually run process that produced standard documentation that was usually just fluff that people usually ignored.  As a result it fell out of date as the source code evolved.  Someone would refactor a section and the old comments would remain and would slowly float away from their orginal area until a major comment clean up was done on the code.  It sounds like PHPDoc is a more interactive approach - when certain editors are used.  Does PHPDoc somehow mitigate the risk of autocreated comments falling out of date?  How will it handle code that was checked in by people that did not have PHPDoc active?  

Aside from the header (I do like headers btw), how much documentation does the PHPDoc add to the functions' & methods' inner code?  It almost sounds like every line with a php function gets standard text added to it.  I may not have searched hard enough but I could not find a good Before-and-After example on their web page.

Brian Layman

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