[wp-hackers] anyone looked at Chameleon closely?

Martin Diessner FlipMedia martin at flipcorp.com
Thu Jul 6 08:55:15 GMT 2006

Dear all,

With interest I read the comments on this forum and others regarding
Chameleon and WP.

First of all, I invite anyone to discuss this topic further to get in
contact with me via www.flipcorpcom/contact/ as I am not always checking
back to the site.

Secondly, please find a response the majority of comments:
1) We are not hiding or intend to hide the fact that WP is the core behind
Chameleon. Chameleon is a marketing name for the plug-ins that Flip Media
has developed and that we sell to our clients. Our sales people are trained
to mention WP and we explain to all of our clients that we took WP and
customized it with additional modules in order to make it relevant to their
needs, e.g. Arabic support, Flash menus, e-commerce and so on. 

2) We are not selling the product as an ASP model, e.g., we only implement
Chameleon for our own clients. No one can buy Chameleon and then re-deploy
or re-use under a commercial agreement in the name of Flip Media.

3) All Chameleon installations are hosted on Flip Media's own servers and
not re-distributed on any other 3rd party servers.

4) We do not require clients to sign any NDA or other contracts or
agreements (as somone mentions incorrectly on this post).

5) Regarding pricing, we do charge a consultancy fee approximately of 25,000
AED (depending on client, market, requirements) which is 6,800 US$ or 5,300
EUR which is a remuneration fee for our efforts of setting up the CMS with
the additional modules that we programmed. I believe that it is fair to do
so (and not breaking any GPL).

6) We are in the process of releasing some of our modules that we developed
to the public - just completing some QA on the same. Anyone who knows us in
the Middle East can confirm that we are one of the key driver of the
interactive industry in the Middle East, not from a commercial point of view
but always providing cutting edge technical and creative solutions to our
clients. We released so much source code, given away sites for free /
charity (check www.flipcorp.com/csr) and will continue to do so.

7) Source code is typically being acknowledged to the original author. Flip
Media do so, publicly, in writing (here!), orally (with our sales staff) and
everywhere. If in any cases we missed something, glitches happened, please
let us know and we will correct. Please understand that we have more than 60
people employed in over 6 locations and 4 countries - at the end of the day
its down to the individual and not easy to control. Again, we will make the
effort and go through code and sites and correct whereever we find mistakes
- and take your input into account. Anyone blaming us and claiming to be
100% perfect in coding, referencing, documenting etc. - please give me a
call or apply for a job @ www.flipcorp.com/jobs - you got it!

I am not sure if I missed any points - if so pls contact me directly.

Finally let me close by thanking for the discussion raised and hopefully
making some of the points clear.

Best regards

Martin Diessner
Flip Media

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